Sweaty belly buttons and sarongs!

Created by Lisa 5 years ago
I shall never forget our holiday to Turkey, playing the 'who's belly button can fill up with sweat first' game. And despite yours being the size of a crater you always won! And the dayyou and Dan had to wear sarongs for breakfast due to a lost bet with Carrie and I ... there is nothing quite like seeing an embarrassed burly rugby player stood in a packed dining room wearing a tie dye sarong! And the cockney Turk when we went scuba diving, just brilliant! You also made me fully appreciate just how good an oreo is and will never forget your ingenious idea of an oreo base for a cheesecake. I speak on behalf of Dan as well when I say that you were one of the nicest people we have ever had the pleasure to know; your kind heart, fab sense of humour and quick wit will always bring a smile to our faces when we remember you. The good people in life are always taken from us too soon, you were obviously too good for this world. Sleep well Steve, you maybe gone but you will certainly never be forgotten. Lots of Love Always, Lise and Dan xxxx